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Sakshi Epaper is the name of a Newspaper Publishing news, Sakshi E paper Download that we will talk about in today’s article that Sakshi: Telugu presents the latest news and news, and students with competitive examinations in areas like Tamil, available Sakshi Newspaper and Sakshi Epaper vogue and we will talk in detail about the coveted papers Tamil area all their in each state or states Newspaper is not, at the best Newspaper available reader existed by Can receive.

సాక్షి ఎపేర్ ఒక వార్తాపత్రిక ప్రచురణ వార్త, సాక్షి ఇ పేపర్ డౌన్‌లోడ్ గురించి మనం ఈ రోజు వ్యాసంలో మాట్లాడబోతున్నాం: సాక్షి: తెలుగు తాజా వార్తలు మరియు వార్తలను అందిస్తుంది, మరియు తమిళం, అందుబాటులో ఉన్న సాక్షి వార్తాపత్రిక మరియు సాక్షి ఈపర్ వంటి రంగాలలో పోటీ పరీక్షలు ఉన్న విద్యార్థులు వోగ్ మరియు మేము ప్రతి రాష్ట్రం లేదా రాష్ట్రాలలో ఉన్న తమిళ ప్రాంతం గురించి వివరంగా మాట్లాడుతాము. వార్తాపత్రిక కాదు, ఉత్తమ వార్తాపత్రిక వద్ద అందుబాటులో ఉన్న రీడర్ అందుకోగలదు.

Tamil Sakshi is also presenting the Best Review for Newspaper with Epaper, and detailed information about how the available news magazine started and some of the current readers is available along with other latest Telugu Newspaper.

Sakshi E Paper

The available news agency was started on 24 March 2008 , which, if told, is presently 11 years old (this article is published on 31/01/2020 ) The main reason for discussion and of newspapers like Sakshi The main reason for the popularity is credited to Newspaper Designer, Talking on the part of KV Mudkhed, the main design is a very important point to step into a better newspaper and journalism and to make Best News paper & Epaper .

Below we highlight the Format & Quality of some other available news and newspapers as well as who is their owner, and how it has proved to be a better news agency in Tamil state for so many years.

Some Other Important E-Papers

Sakshi Epaper Overview

Below Box shows an overview of Sakshi Epaper

TYPE Daily newspaper
FORMAT Broadsheet
OWNER(S) Y.S Bharathi (wife of Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy)
PUBLISHER Jagathi publications
FOUNDED March 2008
HEADQUARTERS Hyderabad, India
CIRCULATION 2,092,194 Daily(as of Jan – July 2017)

About Sakshi ePaper

If we look at the main thing, the Sakshi paper is published even more in many states, when talking about the design of the paper, most readers read this paper due to its design and for clear, error-oriented news, see below How many lakhs have their readers, and in which states?

Sakshi Epaper Main Edition: It is the most published in three states.

  • Sakshi Epaper Andhra Pradesh
  • Sakshi Epaper See it
  • Sakshi Epaper Hydrabad Main

With these 3 editions of the above paper, detailed reports are published in all the districts under these three states, which are as follows.

Sakshi Epaper Today

In this section, our very amazing and supportive visitors like you will get Sakshi Epaper on a daily base. Like its 15 February 2020 today so we are sharing today’s Sakshi Paper below. we will keep updating this per day.

6 February  2020 Sakshi Epaper Download PDF   Andhra Pradesh  and Telangana

Sakshi E Paper February 2020

In this section, we are going to update Sakshi Epaper in February 2020 today and on a daily base. stay updated to download Today Sakshi Epaper. 🙂

In the section given above, we are uploading the Daily Sakshi Epaper of February month. Download the pdf version and read in your device. you can download January month’s epaper from the section given below. Good Luck 🙂

Sakshi ePaper January 2020

  • 31 January   AP     TS
  • 30 January   AP     TS
  • 29 January   AP     TS
  • 28 January   AP     TS
  • 27 January   AP     TS
  • 26 January   AP     TS
  • 25 January   AP     TS
  • 24 January   AP     TS
  • 23 January   AP     TS
  • 22 January   AP     TS
  • 21 January   AP     TS
  • 20 January   AP     TS
  • 19 January   AP     TS
  • 18 January   AP     TS
  • 17 January   AP     TS
  • 15 January   AP     TS
  • 14 January   AP     TS
  • 13 January   AP     TS
  • 12 January   AP     TS
  • 11 January   AP     TS
  • 10 January   AP     TS
  • 9 January   AP     TS
  • 8 January   AP     TS
  • 7 January   AP     TS
  • 6  January   AP     TS
  • 5 January   AP     TS
  • 4 January   AP     TS
  • 3 January   AP     TS
  • 2 January   AP     TS
  • 1  January   AP     TS

Sakshi Epaper District Edition

Andhra Pradesh Sakshi Epaper: Sakshi newspapers are available daily in the districts under Andhra Pradesh .

  • Anantapur Sakshi E-Newspaper
  • Chittor Sakshi E-Newspaper
  • East Godavari Sakshi E-Newspaper
  • Guntur Sakshi E-Newspaper
  • Krishan Sakshi E-Newspaper
  • Kurnool Sakshi E-Newspaper
  • Prakasam Sakshi E-Newspaper
  • SPSR Sakshi E-Newspaper
  • Srikakulam Sakshi E-Newspaper
  • Vijayanagaram Sakshi E-Newspaper
  • Visakhapatnam Sakshi E-Newspaper
  • West Godavari Sakshi E-Newspaper
  • YSR Kadapa Sakshi E-Newspaper

Telangana Sakshi Epaper: Sakshi newspapers available in Telangana state are published, which is as follows.

  • Adilabad Sakshi Newspaper
  • Hyderbad Sakshi Newspaper
  • Karimnagar Sakshi Newspaper
  • Khammam Sakshi Newspaper
  • Mahabubnagar Sakshi Newspaper
  • Medak Sakshi Newspaper
  • Nalgonda Sakshi Newspaper
  • Nizamabad Sakshi Newspaper
  • Ranga Reddy Sakshi Newspaper
  • Waranagal Urban Sakshi Newspaper
  • Bhadradri Sakshi Newspaper
  • Jagtial Sakshi Newspaper
  • Jangon Sakshi Newspaper
  • Jayashankar Sakshi Newspaper
  • Jogulamba Sakshi Newspaper
  • Kamareddy Sakshi Newspaper
  • Komaram Bheem Sakshi Newspaper
  • Mahabubabad Sakshi Newspaper
  • Mancherial Sakshi Newspaper
  • Medchal Sakshi Newspaper
  • Mulugu Sakshi Newspaper
  • Nagarkurnool Sakshi Newspaper
  • Narayanpet Sakshi Newspaper
  • Nirmal Sakshi Newspaper
  • Peddapalli Sakshi Newspaper
  • Rajanna Sakshi Newspaper
  • Sangareddy Sakshi Newspaper
  • Siddipet Sakshi Newspaper
  • Suryapet Sakshi Newspaper
  • Vikarabad Sakshi Newspaper
  • Wanaparthy Sakshi Newspaper
  • Warangal Rural Sakshi Newspaper
  • Yadadri Sakshi Newspaper

Karanataka Sakshi E Paper: All the newspapers published in these districts of Karnataka state are also released, which is as follows.

  • Bangalore Sakshi E paper
  • Karnataka Sakshi E paper

Chennai Sakshi Paper: Lastly, 2 volumes of this paper are published in a province like Chennai.

  • Chennai City Newspaper
  • Chennai Newspaper

Also available Sakshi E Paper In Other City

Sakshi E Paper: The states and cities in which the Tamil language is used in the above, the Sakshi newspapers are published in most of the states, districts and cities, but there are other states as well, where some number of Prakash is also published. Is present, and Sakshi Newspaper is also published in these 3 cities below.

  • Delhi
  • Maharastra
  • Odisha

Sakshi Telugu Magazines

So far, you may have been told about their newspaper, but some Magazines magazines are also published by them, which are constantly on New & Latest Topic, there are some main magazines which are named as follows.

  • Sakshi Funday Magazine
  • Sakshi Pellichoopulu Magazine
  • Sakshi Calendar 2020
  • AP Special Calendar 2020
  • AP Bhavitha Magazine by Sakshi
  • TG Bhavita Magazine by Sakshi

Sakshi News Live

Sakshi E Paper Readers

As you may have guessed from the toTpic mentioned above, under his 3 states, in his 50+ districts, Witness papers are published daily, but we received a Wikipedia report which is as follows.

According to Sakshi Newspaper ‘s 2017 edition, more than 10 lakh daily newspaper readers are available, in such a large number the team is working, and their daily readers are available in lakhs, which in itself Is a very big achievement.

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About Of Sakshi E paper Newspaper Agency

Now it comes that according to the readers of this news agency and constantly engaged, according to Audit Bureau of Circulation 2017, Sakshi in Telugu states like Telangana and Andhra Pradesh is the second largest newspaper agency , which is daily 1.09 Million Readers available.

  • Owner: Y.S Bharathi (wife of Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy)
  • Publisher: Jagathi publications
  • Editor: Murali V.
  • Language: Telugu

Best Newspaper Award Sakshi

Talking about its achievements, Sakshi Telugu Newspaper has published 23 editions, which are available to readers in 19 cities including 4 big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore. According to the source of Wikipedia, the 2nd Newspaper Company in India in Limca Book Of Records, which has all the colors and design in mind, has been awarded the most choice of readers. Because their newspapers are published daily in such large quantities.

Sakshi ePaper Download

Sakshi ePaper Download


So we have told in this article about Sakshi ePaper. What is this? So we hope you will find this information very good. If you need some more information or any other information related to this, then we can give information through the comment box given below. We will surely help you and we have brought that information to you.

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