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Oxford Dictionary PDF

Download the book of the world’s most popular English Book OXFORD Dictionary of Idioms in PDF. First of all, in the box given below, you should check that the PDF file that you are going to download must be inspected once, then click on the Download Botton below and download the available file below. Box I have to see first.

oxford Dictionary PDF DOWNLOAD

oxford Dictionary PDF DOWNLOAD

Complete Oxford Dictionary

Cause (n) : reason

Cause (v) : produce

Caution (n) : care

Caution (v) : warn

Cautious (adj.) : careful, watchful

Cavalcade (n) : a procession of a person on horseback

Cavalier (n) : horseman

Cavalier (adj.) : haughty

Cave (n) : a (large) den

Cavil (n) : a trivial objection

Cavity (n) : a hollow

Caw (n) : the cry of a crow

Caw (v) : cry as a crow

Cease (v) : stop, put an end to

Ceaseless (adj.) : continual, never ending

Cedar (n) : a kind of big tree

Cede (v) : grant, give way, yield

Ceiling (n) : the inner roof of a house

Celebrate (v) : perform with proper rites and ceremonies

Celebrated (adj.) : famous

Celebration (n) : observance or performance with due rites

Celebrity (n) : a well-known person

Celestial (adj.) : heavenly

Celibacy (n) : the state of being unmarried

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