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English Grammar PDF Download and you can download English Grammar in Hindi:  Download all types of PDF related to General English topic here. After downloading English Grammar Book PDF , a very valuable PDF to understand the rules and nuances well. Material has been brought, which is named as Magic With English, and the author of this important PDF notes is VK Patel, we thank him whole heartedly, another special thing to make this important English Grammar available for free Understood everything in Hindi medium Area is you can get by Click on the PDF Notes the Download Button below. English Grammar In Hindi.

English Grammar PDF

Grammar is actually the system of a language. People often elaborate it as a rule of language, but in reality there is no rule of language, if we talk about rules then rules are made first and then the beginning of English language like game is probably Language has not really been exchanged by one person, emotions have been developed by people in words, phrases and sentences over time and today Taken as the interpretation bid. All languages ​​change over time, which we call Grammar (grammar), grammar is actually a reflection of a language at a particular time.

So do we have to speak english For what is the need of studying Grammar then my answer will be no. Many people in the world speak simple and skill fully without studying grammar. Take us only how much we know Hindi grammar and how we speak but if we speak Be it to learn a language other than your mother tongue, then maybe we should have knowledge of grammar first or it helps you to learn skills quickly and easily when a language The system understand the grammar you can understand without someone or book.

English Grammar In Hindi PDF

Hello Students, Today we received more than 60+ comments, in which Dheeraj, Sanjay Singh, Mahendra Sindh have considered this website TwitMarks to be one of the most trustworthy and best websites for the material and information that comes in our preparation. It is very happy to see that the number of our daily readers is increasing very fast, so for our readers today we get complete information in English Grammar ‘s Hindi medium and given below Through the points, you will tell that which topic is discussed in detail in the available notes, and the entire English Grammar is available in Hindi .

  • What is Grammar? (What is grammar?)
  • Sentence
  • Parts of Speech
  • Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adj, Etc.
  • Tense
  • Active Passive Voice
  • Narration
  • Determiners
  • Degree Of Comparison
  • Transformation
  • Glossary Of English Terms
  • 100 Commonest English Words
  • Punctuation
  • Articles
  • Framing Questions
  • Information in Hindi etc.

Download English Grammar PDF

So, how did you like our English Grammar PDF Download , please tell us through the comment below, and we will bring the entire English Grammar in Hindi language for you so that the student can understand the entire Grammar in Hindi language and the important topics of English Subject are good Be able to keep in mind.

Tense Chart PDF Download Tense Chart in Hindi

A lot of candidates are competing to get Tense Chart PDF , we have presented your understanding by making a better Tense Rules in Chart, so that you can download Tense Chart PDF today , with the help of which you can get the complete Tense Chart. If you can know at a glance, then read the given article carefully and understand all the important information from this topic of English Grammar.

Tense Chart PDF

By the way, if you want to know more about the Tens in more detail about the main Trick, Example, Rules, then the complete description of the three Tens is presented below. And with the help of the link given below, you can download Tense Chart PDF.

Present Tense Chart

Tense Formula
Simple present tense
(does / does not happen)
Positive : Sub + Verb 1(s,es) + O
Negative : Sub + do/does + Not + Verb 1+ Obj
Q I : Do/does + Sub + Verb 1 + Obj +?
Q II : Wh+ Do/does + Sub + Verb 1 + Obj +?
Present Continuous Tense
(happening / not happening)
Positive : Sub + am/is/are+ (verb+ing) + Obj
Negative : Sub + am/is/are + not + (verb+ing) + Obj
Q I : Am/is/are/+  Sub + (verb+ing) +Obj+?
Q II :- Wh + Am/is/are/+Sub+(verb+ing)+Obj+?
Present Perfect Tense
(has been / has not been)
Positive :- Sub + have/has + Verb 3 +Obj.
Negative :- Sub + have/has + not + Verb 3 +Obj
Q I : Have/has + Sub + Verb 3 + Obj +?
Q II : Wh + Have/has + Sub + Verb 3 + Obj +?
Present Perfect Continuous Tense
(currently happening / was not happening between two times)
Positive :- Sub + have/has + been +(Verb+ing) + Obj.
Negative :- Sub + have/has + not + been +(Verb+ing) + Obj.
Q I : Have/has + Sub + been +(Verb+ing) + Obj +?
Q II : Wh + Have/has + Sub + been +(Verb+ing) + Obj +? =

Past Tense Chart

Simple past tense
(happened / not)
Positive : Sub + V2 + Obj
Negative : Sub + did + Not + Verb 1 + Obj
Q I : Did + Sub + Verb 1 + Obj +?
Q II : W + did + Sub + Verb 1 + Obj +?
Past Continuous Tense
(happening / not happening)
Positive : Sub + was/were + (verb+ing) + Obj
Negative : Sub + was/were + not +(verb+ing) + Obj.
Q I : Was/were + Sub + (verb+ing) + Obj +?
Q II : W+ was/were + Sub + (verb+ing) + Obj +?
Past Perfect Tense
(had been / has not been done)
Positive :- Sub + had + Verb 3 + Obj.
Negative :- Sub + had + not + Verb 3 + Obj.
Q I : had + Sub + Verb 3 + Obj +?
Q II : Wh + had + Sub + Verb 3 + Obj +?
Perfect Past Continuous Tense
(was happening between the two time In the past it was not /)
Positive :- Sub + had + been + (Verb+ing) + Obj.
Negative :- Sub + had + not + been +(Verb+ing) + Obj.
Q I : had + Sub + been + (Verb+ing) + Obj +?
Q II : W + had + Sub + been+(Verb+ing) + Obj +?

 Future Tense Chart

Simple Future Tense
(will / will not)
Positive : Sub + shall/will + Verb + Obj.
Negative: Sub + shall/will + Not + Verb 1 +Obj.
Q I : shall/will +Sub + Verb 1+ Obj +?
Q-II : WH +shall/will + Sub + Verb 1 + Obj +?
Future Continuous tense
(may / may not be happening)
Positive : Sub + shall/will + be+(verb+ing) + Obj.
Negative : Sub + shall/will + not+be (v+ing) + Obj.
Q I : shall/will + Sub + be + (verb+ing) + Obj +?
Q II:- W + shall/will + Sub + be +(verb+ing) + Obj +?
Future Perfect Tense
(must have been / will not be missed)
Positive :- Sub + shall/will + have + Verb 3 + Obj.
Negative :- Sub + shall/will + not + have + Verb 3 + Obj.
Q I : shall/will + Sub + have + Verb 3 + Obj +?
Q II : Wh + shall/will + Sub + have + Verb 3 + Obj +?
Perfect Future Continuous Tense
(must be between the two sometime in the future will not be /)
Positive :- Sub + shall/will + have been +(Verb+ing) + Obj.
Negative:- Sub + shall/will + not + have been + (Verb+ing) + Obj.
Q I : shall/will + Sub + have been +(Verb+ing) + Obj +?
Q-II: W + shall/will + Sub + have been+(Verb+ing) + Obj +?

Tense Chart PDF Download

Tense Chart Download

Tense Chart Download By Englishch

Perfect English Grammar Tense Chart

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